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Cesspool and Septic Tank Installation in Suffolk County

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Most people in Long Island, NY, use things like septic systems and cesspools to handle their wastewater. If you’re building a new house away from the city’s main sewer or want to replace an old septic tank for your home improvements, Jet Cesspool’s team in Long Island can help without charging you a lot.

Our team knows a lot about what Long Island folks need for their septic systems. We can set up or fix your cesspool or septic system, and we always follow the local rules to make sure it’s done right. This way, your septic tank or cesspool will work well for a long time.

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Other Cesspool & Septic Tank Services

All Services Available for Both Residential & Commercial

Jet Cesspool Service Long Island provides the following cesspool & septic services for our Suffolk County customers:

While our technicians are highly-trained cesspool experts, we can also help with installations and service of other plumbing equipment such as:

do you Need a Cesspool or Septic Tank Installed?

Cities with dense populations usually have a municipal sewer line to remove waste and water from homes and businesses. However, less populated areas like Long Island rely on either a cesspool or a septic tank for waste removal. If you’re moving into the city, your home may have a pre-existing system, but if it doesn’t, you’re responsible for installing one.

The professionals at Jet Cesspool Service are ready to assist you in either way. We offer repairs and replacements for septic tanks, but we can also install a new septic tank or cesspool for a newly constructed residence.

Types of Septic Systems

Septic tanks are not wholly one-size-fits-all. Depending on your budget, property size, location, and household needs, you can benefit from one of several systems:

Conventional: These systems use gravity to move the waste from the house to the tank, where solids will remain at the top.  The liquid waste will then flow to the cesspool and into the soil.

Alternative: This is similar to the conventional septic system, but it uses oxygen to break down the waste.

Engineered: This option is best for homes on an uphill slope and pumps liquids into the septic system.

Septic System and Cesspool Installation Requirements for Long Island

We understand that every property is different and will require different sizes or types of Septic systems. Our technicians will gladly guide you through every step in the process. Our experts are familiar with the different requirements throughout Long Island for septic system installation and replacement, and we will meet all County or village requirements as applicable.

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As a family-owned company, Jet Cesspool Service strives to provide Suffolk County and the whole of Long Island with the best septic system installation and replacement services. Our technicians offer everything from cesspool chemical treatments to septic tank pumping, in addition to our septic system installations. 

We even provide 24/7 emergency service to tend to your cesspool and septic tank needs.
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