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What is aeration and how does it help your cesspool or septic tank?

Revitalize your septic’s performance with a cutting-edge septic aeration system, the unsung hero of efficient wastewater treatment.

Aeration is a very important process in servicing a cesspool whether it is your only cesspool or an overflow for a septic tank. 

For homeowners who are not understanding what this is exactly, Aeration is the use of high-pressure air through what we call aeration rods. 

This is done for 2 reasons. 

  1. Picture your cesspool as a foam cup full of water if you poke holes in the bottom of the cup it will drain on its own as will your cesspool. 
  2. Aeration also mixes up all of the sludge that has settled to the bottom over the years of not being serviced so we can then add our chemical treatment to eat all of the sludge making the bottom of your cesspool sandy drainage again.
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