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Sewer Service in Suffolk County

Looking for sewer service and drain cleaning on Long Island? Call Jet Cesspool Service at (631) 410-6696.

If you’re facing a sewer or septic issue in Suffolk County, NY, count on Jet Cesspool Service for same-day service.

We have provided expert and reliable sewer cleaning and repair services throughout Long Island, New York, since 1965. We offer sewer service at your home or business 24 hours a day.

A backed-up system and other messy plumbing issues can be stressful for property owners. If this happens to you, call our plumbing team to repair all problems quickly. Our professional cleaning services will sanitize your home or business following all work.

Whether you need us to repair your sewer line, unclog drains, or provide a sewer cleaning, we can tackle any sewer service. Call family-owned Jet Cesspool Service at (631) 260-3640 to schedule a service appointment.

Long Island Sewer Cleaning, Drain Service & Repairs

How Do I Know If I Need Sewer Service?

Suffolk County has a troubled history with sewers and sewage. Approximately 70% of property owners use septic systems. However the country is busy installing sewers to help resolve the area’s wastewater issues.

Regardless of whether you have a septic tank or are part of a public sewer system, all properties rely on drains and sewer lines to move waste.

manholes with big tubes

Some common signs of a sewer or sewage problem include:

Any of these issues can lead to severe property damage and health issues, so they must be

addressed promptly. Call us at (631) 260-3640 as soon as you notice these problems to get fast sewer service.

What Sewer Services Do We Provide?

Our local team of Long Island sewer cleaning and repair technicians can solve any problem that keeps waste from moving in the right direction. Plumbing services include:

We have the latest technology to diagnose and repair our customers’ plumbing and sewage issues. The Jet Cesspool Service team makes a video inspection of a problem drain or sewer line to identify issues. We use water jetting or cables to clear out a blocked drain and high-pressure water for thorough sewer cleaning.

We also offer maintenance services through an affordable plan. Our maintenance services ensure that our customers’ systems are inspected regularly and repair issues before they become damaging.

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Long Island Septic Tank Pumping & Cesspool Services
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Commercial plumbing

Sewage issues and water quality problems are a particular concern if you are a business owner in Suffolk County. A plumbing crisis can result in lost revenue and health department violations.

We can help your business stay clean and productive by offering:

Portable Toilets/ Porta Potty

Jet Cesspool Service also offers portable restrooms for all long term & short term needs. Hosting a party, Construction job site, large or small events. Give us a call today to schedule. Jet cesspool professionals handle everything from delivery to pick up.

Portable Toilets and Porta Potty

Why Choose Us for Sewer Service?

Jet Cesspool Service has been providing cesspool, drain, and sewer cleaning in Long Island for more than 50 years. We know the sewage problems facing the area better than our competitors. Trust us for sewer and drain pumping, drain and sewer cleaning, and sewer installation.

Whether you need emergency sewer care, cleaning services, a maintenance plan, or a consultation, count on Jet Cesspool Service. Contact us at (631) 260-3640 today to learn more.

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