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Most Suffolk County, NY homes rely on a cesspools or septic systems to store wastewater and solid waste. It is important to hire reliable cesspool and septic tank technicians to ensure everything remains running efficiently. We can install new systems or maintain your existing cesspool or septic tank.

Most Long Island properties need a thorough cesspool pumping and maintenance checkup every two or three years. Regular service is important to avoid the hassle of emergency cesspool services.

Jet Cesspool Service Long Island is a family-owned company, and our highly trained jet cesspool technicians/professionals are proud to service Suffolk County. Give us a call for your cesspool and septic needs.

Cesspool Service Long Island NY

Our Cesspool & Septic tank services


Our specialists are standing by to solve your cesspool problems 24/7.  If you are backing up and you need your cesspool pumped we can get you up and running quickly and cleanly.


New installations or replacement of existing cesspools and septic systems, we install quality products that meet or exceed Suffolk County code guidelines.


Chemical Treatments

In order for your cesspool or septic system to operate efficiently, chemical treatment is necessary on a regular basis. We can manage this for you to prevent future problems.



Doing new construction or planning yard renovations but unsure where exactly your cesspool or septic tank is located? We utilize the latest technology to pinpoint its exact location.


Cleaning & Repair

Need your cesspool or septic tank cleaned or repaired? Our specialists are highly trained and have the experience to get you back up and running quickly.

We respond to Emergencies 24/7

Our cesspool and septic system technicians are ready and available 24/7 for any of your septic system or cesspool needs.

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